Naval Combat Management Systems

Lockheed Martin is a leader in naval Combat System Integration (CSI) with a proven record internationally of having delivered complex systems for both new-build and modernized fleets.

Fourteen navies currently rely upon Lockheed Martin's CSI capabilities and several others are looking to draw upon the corporation's proven ability to deliver combat ready vessels on time and on budget.

HALIFAX Class Modernization (HCM)

Lockheed Martin Canada is the prime contractor for the modernization of the HALIFAX Class frigates. Awarded in late 2008, the $2B program started with a complete design phase. With the approval of the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN), the company has since commenced the integration, test and evaluation of the integrated Combat System consisting of the new Command Management System (CMS), new sensors and legacy weapons. All of the major subsystems have been delivered and installed at the Lockheed Martin test facility for integration and trials. Installation on the first ship begins later this year.

Modernized ships have returned to the fleet and are now conducting Canada's important missions. Lockheed Martin Canada continues to manage a highly complex and multi-dimensional program through:

  • Proven naval CSI experience and a vast resource base of expertise
  • Direct experience with the deployed combat system
  • Worldwide ship integration experience
  • Tight collaboration with the RCN, shipyards, subcontractors and design agent
  • Verified open architecture systems, enabling rapid technology insertion to meet future operational requirements.



New Zealand ANZAC Frigate Systems Upgrade Project

Building on a 30-year legacy as Canada’s naval combat systems integrator, Lockheed Martin Canada was selected as the prime systems integrator for the Royal New Zealand Navy’s ANZAC Frigate System Upgrade in April 2014.

The contract award represents Lockheed Martin Canada’s first export sale of its Canadian developed Combat Management System (CMS), which was designed as a modern, affordable product for the international market.

The Royal New Zealand Navy selected the Lockheed Martin Canada solution based on its low risk and low cost approach. Our team was able to demonstrate a low risk execution based on real milestones achieved and on-going delivery of the Halifax Class Modernization Project.

Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ships (AOPS)

Lockheed Martin Canada is partnered with prime contractor Irving Shipbuilding Inc. to deliver Canada's new Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ships (AOPS) as part of the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy (NSPS).

Lockheed Martin Canada is responsible for key integration of data and information sources to increase the ships' situational awareness and provide command, control and decision support at all levels of command for the new vessels.

Our innovative Combat Management System (CMS) is a core solution that adapts to a variety of subsystems. Building on this foundation, our combat systems integration methodology was repurposed for surveillance purposes on AOPS.