Visual Interactive Simulation Training Application (VISTATM) is designed to effectively train maintainers and operators of complex equipment while minimizing or eliminating the need for access to the actual equipment. VISTA provides the user with a high-fidelity real-time simulation that allows a student to operate, diagnose and repair equipment in a "real world" dynamic free-play environment. VISTA provides a versatile and flexible learning environment that offers numerous advantages over any other training technology. Instructors (in a networked classroom) or students (on a single Personal Computer) can select from a variety of system faults to practice diagnostic techniques and improve their cognitive skills.

  • Up to 40% reduction in training time
  • Significantly reduces instructor preparation time
  • Very low life-cycle costs
  • Reduces or eliminates the requirement for expensive training equipment, spares support and maintenance staff
  • Reduced travel costs and living
  • VISTA is always available...eliminates training interruptions caused by inoperable 'actual equipment'
  • All students have simultaneous access to their own synthetic system
  • Inexpensive means of solving multi-site training requirements

VISTA Introduction

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