Targets in the Water – Lockheed Martin Canada Invests in Innovative Underwater Warfare Technology

Company provides research and development funding to Ottawa-based Maritime Way Scientific Inc.

OTTAWA, Ontario, May 20, 2015 – Lockheed Martin Canada Mission Systems & Training (LM Canada MST) today announced the award of new research and development funding to Ottawa-based Maritime Way Scientific Inc. The funding will support continued development of Maritime Way’s advanced acoustic modelling system and tactical decision aid technologies. These technologies are used to characterize the way sound travels in the water to create a tactical advantage.

This innovative technology, called SPARTA (Sonar Performance-Acoustic Research–Tactical Analysis), provides an improved understanding of the underwater environment to better predict ocean sound-scapes, define sonar and sensor placements and assist the warfighter in finding enemy threats.

“Today’s naval fleets must be designed to incorporate a wide array of capabilities to function effectively in the multi-dimensional theatre of operations”, stated Martin Taillefer, President and Managing Director of Maritime Way. “The security, survivability and underwater warfare process is directly influenced by the operational environment. Without a clear understanding of the environment, the vulnerability of any unit is increased considerably”.

“In Canada, there is a recognized need to enhance, establish and sustain these innovative technologies for underwater warfare – and I am thrilled to support a Canadian developed solution,” said Rosemary Chapdelaine, Vice President and General Manager of LM Canada MST. “This project represents a continued investment in naval combat management technologies to serve the needs of Canada and allied Navies around the world.”

Maritime Way has a world-class team of acoustic theory and modelling experts who specialize in the military applications of ocean acoustics, modelling, sonar systems engineering and tactical analysis.

Martin Taillefer continues, "This investment by LM Canada positions Maritime Way as a leading Canadian technology innovator and solution provider in ocean science. The enhanced acoustics modelling capability, along with building a state-of-the-art underwater warfare system technology, will generate significant value for our company. We are excited to drive further product innovation with deeper customer and partner engagement."

About Maritime Way Scientific

Maritime Way Scientific Ltd. specializes in providing consulting and scientific services to a number of clients encompassing the marine industry, maritime research and development, fisheries, defence and academic institutions. Our team is composed of operational subject matter experts in theoretical oceanography, acoustic propagation modeling and marine science. The particular focus of Maritime Way is on developing situational awareness solutions and operational decision making based on the operationalization of scientific data. Formed in 2010, Maritime Way has led over 35 ocean acoustics and oceanographic projects from 6 countries and 3 oceans in the first five years of operations. 

About Lockheed Martin Canada

Lockheed Martin Canada has more than 850 employees at major facilities in Ottawa, Montreal, Dartmouth, Calgary, and Victoria, as well as Department of National Defence sites across the country, and is a leader in the delivery and integration of naval combat systems, radar platforms, avionics, electronic warfare, data fusion, commercial engine repair and overhaul, and performance-based logistics.


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