Lockheed Martin Canada Celebrates 100th HCM Cabinet

Almost five years ago, in October 2010, the first electronics cabinet for the HALIFAX Class Modernization (HCM) Project was completed on Lockheed Martin Canada’s production line at the company’s Mission Systems and Training (LM Canada MST) facility in Ottawa.

These cabinets were the product of a technology transfer, where LM Canada MST took the initial concept design though full scale development, production and qualification to meet the extreme environmental conditions for shipboard operations.  Today, these cabinets have over 500 unique parts with a robust supply chain of over 45 companies throughout Canada.  The cabinets are being used across multiple Canadian and international contracts.

Celebrating the completion of the 100th HCM cabinet, CDRE Marcel Halle and DND’s HCM Project Director Geoff Simpson joined LM Canada MST at the milestone event June 2, 2015. The 100th cabinet is part of ship set 11 for HCM and is destined to be installed on HMCS Regina.  A total of 128 cabinets will be produced for HCM, and this milestone signifies entry into the final stages of Canada’s sophisticated 12 ship modernization program.

LM Canada MST’s delivery of the Combat Management System (CMS) hardware is synchronized to the ship refit schedule.  The CMS hardware is comprised of multiple electronics cabinets and operator consoles.  During this same five year period, just over 200 operator consoles – each with almost 700 unique parts - have also been delivered to the HCM Project.

The HCM Project is widely recognized in the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) as a success story, with its collaborative governance model highlighted as a critical factor in its success.  As the Combat System Integrator, LM Canada MST helped create an environment that encourages open and transparent communication to support all stakeholders, controls cost, and reduces project risk.

LM Canada MST continues to manage the highly complex and multi-dimensional project and is working in partnership with the RCN and shipyards on both west and east coasts to replace major critical sensors, command and control systems, modernize the operations room and deliver a suite of related simulation/training systems.

Modernized ships have returned to the fleet and are now conducting Canada's important missions.  Once HCM is complete, the production facilities at LM Canada MST will begin work on the cabinets and consoles for the Royal New Zealand Navy’s ANZAC Class frigates and Canada’s Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ships.

100th Cabinet