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Full Motion Video


Full-motion video (FMV) is the next frontier for intelligence analysis. With UAVs, wireless webcams, 24x7 security cameras and a host of other sensors gathering thousands of hours of video a day, the challenge is turning terabytes of footage into real-time tactical knowledge and, ultimately, a strategic advantage.

Three of the industry leaders in video and intelligence exploitation – Lockheed Martin, Harris Broadcast Communications, and NetApp – have joined together to offer a complete and integrated full-motion video (FMV) architecture.

This cutting-edge FMV solution manages the full video intelligence cycle, from immediate processing, exploitation and dissemination (PED) to long-term secure storage, archiving and cataloguing. Drawing on advanced technologies that power today’s commercial broadcast video and television networks, FMV gives you the power to take full advantage of your video enterprise.



Searching and Streaming

Imagine you’re an intel analyst sifting through hours of drone footage. Lockheed Martin has recently upgraded its Full Motion Video capabilities. This improvement is making search and analysis of these videos as easy as searching YouTube. Read More