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In the fields of imagery, geospatial information and remote sensing, Lockheed Martin has helped chart the course of vital national intelligence systems for more than 30 years. We create the expansive systems that help the Intelligence Community transform raw imagery and sensor data into layered, detailed maps that support troops on the battlefield, intelligence agents worldwide, and emergency responders here at home. We support the nation's geospatial-intelligence capabilities in three critical areas:

Imagery collection and management: Satellites and airborne sensors are collecting new imagery and video at an astounding rate. We develop service-oriented IT infrastructure that helps store and manage the numerous libraries of available imagery. We also integrate advanced knowledge management tools that make sure that users can quickly find the imagery they're looking for.

Intelligence fusion and integrated map creation: Geospatial intelligence is about more than just maps. We help our customers merge traditional geospatial data such as terrain, roads, and three-dimensional building models with multi-source data displaying friendly and enemy forces, sensor locations and footprints, critical facilities information, and other information.

Intelligence visualization and delivery: The most difficult step in the intelligence cycle can be delivering meaningful intelligence to the end user in the field. Lockheed Martin develops the applications that give front-line users quick, intuitive access to the data they need.


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