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Helping Federal Customers Meet Their Workforce Challenges

Supporting an employee from hire to retire can be a challenge for federal agencies. To meet today’s workforce management demands, many agencies find a partnership with an expert Human Capital company such as Lockheed Martin to be the solution.

Lockheed Martin has the thought leadership and technical expertise to help the federal government meet human resources (HR) needs. By leveraging its extensive human resources capabilities and technical solutions, Lockheed Martin implements large-scale systems and delivers reliable services. Our government partners find they can more effectively manage growth – putting the right people in the right jobs at the right time to support agency missions.

A Reliable Partner

As the federal government’s largest provider of human capital and human resources systems and services, Lockheed Martin is currently supporting approximately 2.0 million federal civilian and military active and retired personnel. We understand the federal workplace and its unique human capital and human resources challenges and requirements and work closely with agencies to partner in developing solutions to meet their missions and operate within their parameters.

We also have the ability to partner with any HR Line of Business Shared Service Center currently used to meet automated transaction processing needs. In addition, Lockheed Martin has a strong network of business partners, including small and disadvantaged businesses, that we team with to meet specialized human capital requirements and ad hoc surge needs.

Innovative Support from Hire to Retire

We bring holistic thinking and action to support federal workers throughout the full course of their government careers. Our human capital services range from sourcing and recruiting though on-boarding and full personnel lifecycle management to retirement counseling and retired and annuity pay. We use the latest information technology (IT) in our call centers, shared service centers and IT data centers to best serve the federal workforce and its retirees. We deliver these HR IT services from our highly secure cloud.

Our subject matter experts and skilled specialists help federal agencies realize efficiencies and enhancements in service delivery and quality, which enables the agencies’ management teams to focus internal resources and expertise on work critical to their agency’s or organization’s mission while delivering high-level HR services to their stakeholders.

We understand that successful organizations, be they private or public sector, are driven by high quality, high morale and highly motivated employees. Lockheed Martin brings its experience and expertise to its government partners to assist them in achieving this success, and in doing so, we assist them in better serving our citizens at a lower cost.


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