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SkyLine® Air Traffic Management


Drawing on its vast experience managing some of the world’s most complex airspace, Lockheed Martin developed its SkyLine® air traffic management system to meet the needs of the mid-market international arena. Currently there are several air traffic control (ATC) systems in Europe and Asia that are based on the SkyLine product family, including systems in Albania, China, Kazakhstan, Korea and New Zealand.

A comprehensive, commercial off-the-shelf solution, SkyLine systems feature flight data processing (FDP) and surveillance data processing (SDP) capabilities that can function as a tower, terminal area, procedural or flow monitoring system service.

It provides a flexible configuration of features and functions to fit customer requirements.

Smooth Operations

SkyLine systems are designed for fail-safe operation. Software architecture offers multiple paths for data processing and critical 24/7 safety net functions. Meanwhile, simulation and training options ensure operators are prepared to run the systems.

The system works with all major global radar sensors and also has automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) and point-to-point communications capability. It functionally integrates data communications between a pilot and ground communications, receives and processes multilateration surveillance data, and provides a plotting tool for immediate documentation of aircraft track history.

Other key features include:

  • Automatic insertion of standard instrument departures (SIDs) and standard terminal arrival route procedures (STARS)
  • Flight plan route expansion and 4-D modeling
  • Aircraft situational display interface for third party add-on functions, such as customer billing, noise monitoring or traffic display applications

SkyLine systems are compliant with global aviation standards issued by EUROCONTROL and the International Civil Air Organization (ICAO), including On-Line Data Interchange (OLDI) and automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) protocols. It also is compatible with the EUROCONTROL Advanced Radar Tracker and Server (ARTAS) subsystem.

A SkyLine system can be installed in operational sites in months not years. Case in point: a recent installation in Astana, Kazakhstan, went online in just 10 months to control 47 percent of the country's airspace.


Next Generation Global Air Traffic Management (ATM) System


Next Generation Global Air Traffic Management (ATM) System




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